March 2017

Market Watch - Spring Market is Primed for Competitive Season Ahead

13-03-2017 System Administrator March 2017 0 Comments

Real estate sales numbers continue to indicate a positive trend for the country as a whole, Even with the additional day in February last year due to the leap year, sales this year are up in both the residential and condo property classes. Keep in mi...

How to Determine the Market Value of Your Home

31-01-2017 System Administrator March 2017 0 Comments

When planning to sell your home, coming up with the right selling price may seem like a very difficult process. There is a lot of data to sift through and you might feel a little lost. However, with some careful investigation and calculations, you ca...

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

26-02-2017 System Administrator March 2017 0 Comments

Keeping your home in top shape requires year-round care. While each season brings different tasks and challenges for homeowners, spring is an especially important time – it’s when to assess winter wear and prepare for summer.

Tips For Buying a House In A Tight Market

26-02-2017 System Administrator March 2017 0 Comments

The real estate market is tight and becoming more competitive in many areas across the country. Inventory is below average and home prices are rising as inventory shrinks, mostly in large cities.

Build a Greenhouse for Early Spring Planting

30-01-2017 System Administrator March 2017 0 Comments

With spring just around the corner, many homeowners have gardening on their minds. The seed catalogues are well worn from repeated flipping of pages. Seeds have been ordered, and some early bedding plants have been started. Many of us are itching to ...

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